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“PERFECTION” is a simulator that supports batting analysis and training of baseball players by
calculating scientific hit data by using vision sensor.

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<< Example of Perfection installation >>

※ Image installed with aluminum truss plan (without rear cage)


<< Perfection standard package >>

1528967606 (2).jpg
  1. Vision sensor

  2. Training program PC

  3. Kiosk Control Box


※ 'Autobat' is not included

※ Installation & setup cost are extra.
※ Various options are available.

<< Equipped with Game Contents >>

※ As of June 2018

1528967642 (1).jpg


  • Individual hitting practice purpose

  • Exit Velocity, Distance, Launch Angle, Spray Chart


  • 1 to 1 fit

  • Total the number of homerun success, and win or lose


  • Earn points by hitting a reward zone

  • We add points that we earned and judge victory

<Software Product Overview>

  • With automatic T-batting machine “AUTO BAT” Interlocking ball analysis system

  • English, Korean, Japanese version supported

<Hardware configuration>

  • Vision sensor: Ultra-high speed dual vision sensor type

  • PC: Video processing and various program processing

  • Camera: It carries two cameras more than 60 frames

<Major functions>

  • Batter Information: Bat Speed, Front / Side Impact Video

  • Hit information: Exit Velocity, Distance,Launch Angle,Spray Chart

  • Error rate: Exit Velocity, Distance, Launch Angle,Hitting Speed Error rate of 5% or less

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